Analgesics Medicine Manufacturer in India

Analgesics Medicine Manufacturer in India – Painkillers have a large drug market and a growing share in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a profitable segment to own by any pharma companies which looks forward to dealing in analgesics range covering paracetamol, aspirin, analgesics NSAIDs, opioids drugs etc. When searching for top analgesics medicines manufacturer in India, Pacific India Pharma is a popular manufacturing company in India. Our company is an ISO certified proud pharma company that deals in a variety of pain killer medicines. Different dosage forms are offered like tablets, capsules, in injectables, oral liquids, tropical solutions etc.

Analgesics segments meet good demand across India. They are known as pain killers and are used to treat mild to moderate pain. Effective and quality pain killers could be found at Pacific India Pharma ‘best analgesics medicines manufacturer in India. We cater our strategic partners with the best possible manufacturing techniques and standards. GMP & WHO manufacturing units are personally owned by us and we specialize in multiple segments meeting your diverse needs. Economical prices are set for all the orders. We assure you DCGI approved drugs made using fine ingredients and best packaging solutions. Quick delivery and promotional tool production assistance will be provided by the company to you at a reasonable cost.

Analgesics Medicine Manufacturer in India

In case you want to know more about Pacific India Pharma and its outsourcing services for your company, call us at +91-9728712333 or email at Here, best quality analgesic drug medicines & products range will be provided. We assure you the best at most genuine deals of manufacturing for you.

Leading Pharma Manufacturing Company for Analgesic Range in India – Pacific India Pharma

A well-known name in the market for manufacturing, trading and supplying, Pacific India Pharma has come a long way meeting frequent demands and raising the standards of our production. We specialize in the third party and control manufacturing services of pharmaceuticals medicines and products. Companies from all across India have taken up the services of our company and have rejoiced to be with us. The analgesic range is prepared under the good guidance of experts who have years of experience in it. They have provided us with better guidance to develop and produce drugs that meet all your demands for effective, safe to use, minimal on side effects and durable medicines.

Certified Organisation: Being a proud ISO Third Party Manufacturer, Pacific India, brings you widest collection of medicines. We are a recignised name in the market owing to numerous certifications like ISO, GMP, WHO etc.

Global Standardized Service: Our company units are situated in Himachal Pradesh enjoying good concessional benefits. We base our units on Schedule M,  Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940 and Good Manufacturing Practices diligently.

High-Quality Analgesic Medicines Range Offered For Pharma Manufacturing

The demand for painkillers has increased over time. With the rise in common ailments of the body like inflammation, body pain, fever, and muscle pain etc, the analgesics market have grown profusely. These medicines are effective against fever and inflammation and mild to moderate pain. Any company who wants to expand or bring these medicines range, it is a good option. Going for manufacturing helps you save a lot of cost, time and effort. Pacific India Pharma brings you a wide range of medicines that are offered for manufacturing which covers the following classes of analgesics like:

  • Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)
  • Aspirin
  • NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Combination Analgesic range
  • Opioids etc.

All the drugs are offered in various forms of dosage that you might be looking for your company products list. Allopathic and ayurvedic medicines form of pain killers is also offered. We ensure to offer the best in the market for your business.

What Makes Pacific India Pharma ‘The Best Manufacturer and Supplier for Analgesic Range?

Our company has delivered professionalism and qualitative efforts for the strategic partners that look forward to innovative and efficient techniques. We aim to bring the best through this service brought to you by Pacific India Pharma. Our company has its own units in the eco-friendly location of Himachal Pradesh which brings you excise free duty services. By being a member of our company, you open new doors to quality and reasonable manufacturing facilities with support from the best experts, latest machines, best devices for quality testing, best packaging solutions, efficient delivery of techniques to make manufacturing cost effective etc. Here are the benefits of being our client:

  1. You will get all your orders within the said time.
  2. The deal is quite reasonable which suits every budget.
  3. Complete assistance will be offered etc.

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