General Pharma Range Manufacturer in India

General Pharma Range Manufacturer in India – Investing in right pharma manufacturing companies saves a lot of time and money. General drug products/medicines range has a good demand in India where companies are trying to introduce a quality drug range. Pacific India Pharma is the best known general pharma range manufacturer in India with over 200+ range of drug solutions offered by multiple drugs markets. These consist of multiple tablets, capsules, softgels, injectables, power, sachets, ointments etc. They are made using fine quality drug ingredients.

When looking for a genuine manufacturing company, you can always trust Pacific India Pharma. Our company is an ISO accredited general pharma range manufacturer in India. We bring you drugs from market segments like orthopedic, dermatology, dental, cardiovascular medicines, diabetic, urological range, nutraceuticals, pediatric range etc. Best drug solutions are offered which are approved by DCGI. Expert guidance has been taken while developing each drug. Here you will get efficient strategic business plans for your company which looks for quality, quantity, and professionalism.

General Pharma Range Manufacturer in India

Get detailed information related to our drugs list, potential rates according to order, benefits and much more by calling @ 9728712333. You can even write us your inquiries via email or leave a comment on our contact form. Our company assures to bring you the best manufacturing deals in the market for a general range.

Why Go For Pharma Manufacturing For General Range Medicines?

The general range has a good combination of allopathic drugs that are used day to day. They are heavily in demand as more and more people cash into these medicines. When compared to the growing demand, allopathic covers a market share of more than 80 percent in rural and urban areas of India. This is more than the other alternative medication methods like ayurvedic, sidhi, homeopathic etc when combined. For the pharma companies, which look for a good drug range, the general range is the best. Taking the pharma franchise is a befitting choice due to the following reasons:

  • Those who do not own their own manufacturing units and look for budget-friendly yet quality manufacturing can always trust in Pacific India Pharma for better deals.
  • These services a lot on your time, energy and money. You are more focused on company goals of expansion and marketing strategy.
  • When you contract with a manufacturing company, you actually give work to an expert who provides value for your money and brand.
  • The general range covers all the allopathic drugs that are having good demand. This can help you raise the bar for your profits.

Top Pharma Manufacturing Company For General Drug Range in India – Pacific India Pharma

Amongst the reputed and trusted name in India is Pacific India Pharma. Our company solely engages itself in manufacturing services. We offer outsourcing facilities that meet your every demand for high quality and affordability. The company units are branched in Himachal Pradesh. On a vast patch of land, the units have been build under good advice and guidance of expert architectures. Tax-free location makes our services economic and budget friendly for our strategic partners. You will rejoice the best quality control measurements that are laid by international institutions. Therefore, you can put faith in Pacific India Pharma for quality yet genuine services.

  1. Our medicines have proved their qualitative levels in the most sophisticated way.
  2. We have high customer satisfaction rate adding value to pharma companies who look for genuine business dealerships in outsourcing. 
  3. the goodwill and well-maintained service units make sure that we produce products to meet your different needs. 

General Range Offered For Pharma Manufacturing at Pacific India Pharma

Our company has 200+ ranges of general drug medicines being offered for manufacturing. Our expert research & development team will guide developed defect-free and effective drugs with minimal side effects. The active ingredients are sourced from trusted vendors of the market. We have kept each batch size small to make sure that every medicine is as effective as the other. The products list consists of tablets, capsules, injectables, powders, sachets, drops, caplets, ointments, dry syrups etc. The general range cover different drug markets which are offered by our company for outsourcing are as follows:

  • Cardiovascular Medicines
  • Dental Medicines
  • Urological Medicines
  • Derma Medicines
  • Diabetic Medicines
  • Gynecology Medicines
  • Ortho Medicines
  • Pediatric Range
  • Oncology Range etc

We cover different therapeutic drugs also in our range. Here you will get the complete source from the company in terms of trademark, approval, marketing tools, quality assurance etc. Our units have huge manufacturing capacity, Therefore, you can completely rely on quantity vs quality which is the best. 

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 Phone Number: 9728712333


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