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Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Baddi – Hygiene maintainence has become a prime objective in every individuals life. To live a healthy life and avoid the transmission of COVID-19, it is mandatory to sanitize your hands frequently to remove all the bacteria particles. It is also equally important that the hand sanitizer you use for the cleaning of your hands must be quality-oriented. Well, Pacific India Pharma is an ISO certified Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Baddi. If you are looking for quality rich, reliable,refined and efficient hand sanitizers then Pacific India Pharma is a best option for you.

Pacific India Pharma is the leading Top Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Baddi which provides the best quality Hand Sanitizers. Our extensive production Hand sanitizers plants and qualified team produce bulk orders in very less time. We are welcoming all the wholesalers, suppliers, retailers, distributors and Pharma companies who wants to connect with us for availing our services. We are meeting all the guidelines and practicing the quality standards to maintain the essence of the product.

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Mumbai

Feel free to contact us anytime to know about our Third party pharma manufacturing services, hand sanitizer variants, bulk rates etc. Call us at +91-9728712333 or email at pacificindia07@gmail.com for details.

Necessity of Hand Sanitizers in Daily Life 

Well, we all know that how popular Hand Sanitizers has become within few months. Hand Sanitizers are liquid, gel and foam based material which is used to reduce eradicate the infectious agents and microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus and virus. Earlier people usually don’t use hand sanitizers on regular basis but due to widespread of COVID-19 it has gain the popularity. The fear of COVID-19 virus has compelled the people to use hand sanitizers for cleaning hands frequently. That is why the sale and requirement of the hand sanitizers has been hiked.

Variety of Hand Sanitizers Product Offer by Pacific India Pharma

We are trying to cater our customers in every possible way. The preference of Hand Sanitizer nature varies from client to client. That is why we offer multiple range of Hand Sanitizers with different packaging. We deliver all the products in the market after sanitizing them. We have divided our Hand Sanitizer category in two different categories i.e Adult and Children. Under these two categories we have various sub- categories which possess adequate quantity of raw ingredients and alcohol as per the age group. Here are the different types of Hand Sanitizers which are available for our clients- 

  • Liquor Based Hand Sanitizer
  • Fluid Hand Sanitizer
  • Sanitizer for Kids (sans Alcohol Content)
  • Natural Hand Sanitizers and so forth.
  • Ayurvedic-Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Why Pacific India Pharma is best for Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing ?

We are catering our services from many years in the industry. We have huge base of clients who are connected with us for a very long time. Due to immense support from our clients and unconditional appreciation of our products has make our brand the master player of the Hygiene Industry. Our production unit is highly equipped with all the modern and latest technology machinery. These machines make us capable of production bulk orders on time. Here are the factors which make our manufacturing facilities different from the other manufacturers – 

  • We have a team of diligent experts and workers who are splendid their work and know how to mold the raw ingredient in the final product.
  • Our Quality Management team examines every single manufactured product in detail to ensure its quality.
  • The raw ingredients and other chemical extracts which are used in the production process is obtained from a trust worthy source from the market. Before associating with any vendor we research about its authenticity and check the quality of the products.
  • All the manufactured stock is stored in a sterilized warehouse where they have been kept under the room temperature to maintain their efficacy for the best outcomes.

Traits of Our Manufactured Hand Sanitizers 

We manufacture  both alcohol based and non alcohol based sanitizers. But we would suggest you to use alcohol based hand sanitizers as they are more active in nature and give 100% effective results. The World Health Organization has also advised to use appropriate ratio  contained  alcohol based hand sanitizer. Here are the unique Characteristics of our Hand Sanitizers –

  • Our manufactured hand sanitizers possess more than 60% of alcohol content in it which kills 99.9% of the microorganisms and make your hands disinfected.
  • All the hand sanitizers have a pleasant smell which makes your hands fresh and cool.
  • We use 100% natural and organic raw material for the manufacturing of the hand sanitizers.
  • Our hand sanitizers does not cause any harm to the skin as they are suitable for all sort o skin textures.
  • The moisturizing agents which are present in it such as Aloevera makes the skin more soften.

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Name : Pacific India Pharma

Address : Dhana, Baghbania, Baddi, Tehsil – Nalagarh, Solan Himachal Pradesh, India.

Phone Number: +91-9728712333

Email: pacificindia07@gmail.com, mkt.pacificindia07@gmail.com

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