Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Delhi

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Delhi – As the Pandemic, COVID-19 is spreading all around. It becomes every individual duty to maintain cleanness to stop the spreading of the Corona Virus. It is mandatory to clean your hand with a good quality sanitizer to remove all the bacteria particles from your hands because it is the only way from where the coronavirus spread. It’s become every individual’s responsibility to put a Hand Sanitizer in their pocket to clean the hands in their day to day lives. So, Pacific India Pharma is an ISO certified Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Delhi who took an initiative to provide quality rich, reliable, refined, and efficient hand sanitizers at effective pricing and packaging.

Pacific India Pharma is the well known and the leading Hand Sanitizers Manufacturer in Delhi. We provide the best quality assured Hand Sanitizers in the market. Being with high tech manufacturing units and qualified team, we must produce bulk orders in very less time. Our company follows all the international quality standards. Now, we are welcoming all the wholesalers, suppliers, retailers, distributors, and Pharma companies who want to connect with us for availing our services. 

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Delhi

Feel free to contact us anytime to know about our Third party pharma manufacturing for hand sanitizer variants, bulk rates etc. Call us at +91-9728712333 or email at pacificindia07@gmail.com for details.

Wide Variety of Hand Sanitizers Product Offer by Pacific India Pharma

We cover all types of customers in every possible way. However, we have to make a wide range of quality hand sanitizers. We provide effective packaging for all the hand sanitizers. though all the orders first sanitize properly and then will be delivered to the customer. There is a proper precaution taken by us. 

We have various categories in our Hand Sanitizer i.e for Adults and Children. Under these two sections, we have various subcategories that own a sufficient quantity of raw elements and alcohol as per the age crowd. Following are the different types of Hand Sanitizers which are available for our clients- 

  1. Natural Hand Sanitizers and so forth.
  2. Fluid Hand Sanitizer
  3. Liquor Based Hand Sanitizer
  4. Sanitizer for Kids (sans Alcohol Content)
  5. Ayurvedic-Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Characteristics of Our Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing

As per the demand and the need for the market, we work on every category of hand sanitizer whether alcohol-based or nonalcohol. But, as per the WHO guidelines, it is highly advised that an alcohol-based sanitizer performs better to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria from hands and it avoids the transmit of Coronavirus. But our both alcohol-based or non-alcohol-based Hand sanitizers have the same result kills 99.9% of active germs. Following are the characteristics you should look upon before choosing the best Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing company in Delhi:

  • Our hand sanitizers don’t make any mischief the skin as they are reasonable for all sorts o skin surfaces.
  • The saturating operators which are available in it, for example, Aloe vera cause the skin more to mollify.
  • Our produced hand sanitizers have over 60% of liquor content in it which executes 99.9% of the microorganisms and make your hands cleaned.
  • All the hand sanitizers have a lovely smell which makes your hands new and cool.
  • We utilize 100% characteristic and natural crude material for the assembling of the hand sanitizers.

Why Choose Pacific India Pharma ‘Best Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer?

We are in this niche for decades. All our staff is highly experienced staff have more than 10+ year of experience in this industry. We have a tremendous stand for clients who are connected with us for a very long time. While or quality assured products and immense support from our clients, We become the well-known brand that master player of the Hygiene Industry.

Following are the factors which make our manufacturing facilities different from the other Hand Sanitizer manufacturers –

  1. Our production unit is highly decked with all the latest and most advanced technology machinery. All our Machinery and high experience staff make us capable of producing bulk orders in a very lesser time. 
  2. All the fabricated stock is put away in a sanitized distribution center where they have been held under the room temperature to keep up their adequacy for the best results.
  3. We have a group of steady specialists and laborers who are stunning their work and ability to shape the crude fixing in the last item.
  4. Our Quality Management group looks at every fabricated item in detail to guarantee its quality.
  5. The crude fixings and other substances separate which are utilized in the creation procedure is acquired from a trust commendable source from the market. Before partnering with any seller, we research its legitimacy and check the nature of the items.

Contact Information

Name: Pacific India Pharma

Address: Dhana, Baghbania, Baddi, Tehsil – Nalagarh, Solan Himachal Pradesh, India.

Phone Number: +91-9728712333

Email: pacificindia07@gmail.com, mkt.pacificindia07@gmail.com

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