Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services in Karnataka

Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services in Karnataka ­– One of the well-known pharma manufacturer and supplier in Karnataka is Pacific India Pharma. Our company is an ISO certified Pharma Company that offers more than 300+ drug solutions covering tablets, capsules, injectables, softgels, syrups etc. These cover antibiotics, analgesics, ayurvedic medicines, anti-allergic, local anesthesia etc. We are considered the best for third party pharma manufacturing services in Karnataka. It is our promise to fulfill your need for high-quality pharmaceuticals medicines and products range at affordable rates and professional services.

The demand for medicines is quite high in Karnataka and companies which look to expand their offerings to the public can look for manufacturing facilities to make things economic and effective. For companies pan Karnataka like Bangalore, Hubli-Dharwad, Mysuru, Gulbarga etc looking for third party pharma manufacturing services in Karnataka, the best-trusted name in Pacific India Pharma. We have been dealing in different drug segments that you might be searching. Here, you will get DCGI approved solutions that are prepared under international standards of quality. We have our own set of GMP & WHO units situated in excise free location of Himachal Pradesh with branches in different states.

Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services in Karnataka

You can get detailed information related to our outsourcing services for your company by dialing +91-9728712333 or leave an email at Our company assures you to offer sophisticated drug solutions, improved strategic plans for manufacturing, economic rates, on-time delivery dates etc.

Associate with Pacific India Pharma – Karnataka’s Top Pharma Manufacturers & Supplier

Karnataka is a rapidly evolving state with a great demand for medicines. An expansive Pharma company that adds value is the main priority of the consumers of today. Pharma manufacturing provides you that offer by bringing in budget-friendly expenditure, professional services, and high-quality drug solutions. Pacific India Pharma is the best company in Karnataka to offer you better outsourcing facilities. Our company has over 300+ range of products along with multiple drugs segment and vast production capacity. Here you can find manufacturing services for pharma medicines like:

  • Tablets, Capsules, Softgels etc
  • Syrup and Oral suspensions
  • Topical Formulations
  • Injection (Parenteral) etc.

Our company offers many ayurvedic to allopathic medicines that your company would want to offer to their clients. You will get a prescription and over the counter (OTC) medicines at best rates.

Quality Methods Adopted For Manufacturing

Our company, Pacific India Pharma is a trusted name for quality. We have been offering the best manufacturing services to companies in India. International quality standards are used in making of solid, semi-solid and liquid medicines. Corresponding to that improved packaging solutions are embraced. This helps us develop drugs that meet the entire requirement.  Some of the quality methods that our company has adopted are as follows:

  1. We manage small batched which are thoroughly checked by experts to ensure you get defect-free medicines.
  2. Best ingredients and material are flown from all over India to make your products.
  3. Latest machines that help us reduce cost efficiently and give better output. You will enjoy hi-tech machines and devices for quality control.
  4. The process of quality control is done under expert care. Different parameters are checked to ensure that it is good for you.
  5. Packaging material to techniques is making suitable for drug dosage. They are checked for any leakage, contamination, durability, and efficacy.

Key Features That Makes Pacific India Pharma ‘Leading Pharma Manufacturing Company in Karnataka

Our company has been considered the best due to our embedded key features that we have strict about. We work as professionals and always make sure that no compromise is made. Pacific India Pharma is fully engaged in the manufacturing process and therefore, aims at revolutionizing its strategies to meet you rising expectations. The best part of working with Pacific India Pharma is as follows:

  • Excise Free Destination: Our units are situated in excise free location of Himachal Pradesh. This makes the costing quite reasonable to many other companies. The focus is more on improving techniques and technologies for our strategic partners.
  • Assistance in Every Process: At, Pacific India Pharma, you will be provided with assistance in every stage like assembling of resources, approvals, trademarks, marketing tools etc. We have experience of many years and therefore, you can rely on our company for better and quick solutions.
  • Economical Deals: For different companies and the quantity of the order, our company makes one promise is that the deal you make with us is economical in nature. You will get budget-friendly deals even if you order big. Our units have a vast capacity to sustain it all.

Get more information related to our services! You will get assured quality medicines at most affordable rates along with an impressive list of drugs.

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Name: Pacific India Pharma

Address: Pacific India Village – Dhana, Baghbania, Tehsil – Nalagarh, Solan Himachal Pradesh, India

Phone Number: 9728712333


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